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Fishing isn't just about catching fish; fishing is an opportunity to take time out from the world of uncertainty, to feel the wind on your face, listen to the birds sing, observe the wildlife, discuss tactics and catches with other anglers, and learn valuable information about the many lakes, reservoirs, rivers and oceans that you fish.

Fishing has a huge range of benefits, from the physical aspect of playing a fish or walking with your equipment to the ideal spot, right through to the mental health aspect of self-achievement , giving our minds a sense of joy and thus respite from the busy daily issues we all endure.

Fishing provides an opportunity for some head space, some mindfulness - something that we all require and deserve.

Fishing is like flight to a bird, it gives you freedom to be you and think soulfully. Fishing gives you time out, to unplug, to unwind, to de-stress, and is proven to give your body and mind time to focus on oneself and to recondition our mental health.

Personally when I'm fishing and surrounded by wildlife and nature, it helps me understand how important it is that we give our heads a rest and just allow ourselves to be consumed by all that fishing entails.

Why not give fishing a go - you'll be amazed at the health and well-being benefits it can bring to you and all the family.